Higuayagua: Taíno of the Caribbean.

Higuayagua is a not-for-profit Cultural Organization dedicated to the research and rescue of all Taino cultural, linguistic and spiritual traditions that have survived in the Caribbean. Our mission is to preserve and disseminate information and cultural knowledge to instill pride in Caribbean people of their Indigenous ancestry.

We are relentless in retelling Caribbean history through a native perspective in order to dispell the myth of total Taino extinction. Assimilation is not extermination. Our people understand that we are tripartite. However our Indigenous ancestry has not simply been downplayed, historically and physically it had been totally extinguished. But science, such as DNA, has helped us answer the question; modern Caribbean peoples have Taino/Indigenous ancestry? The answer is a resounding YES.  Today, we are writing ourselves back into history while simultaneously recording and preserving the last surving aspects of our rural traditions that have greatly suffered due to the stigma asscoiated with anything Indigenous or Campesino (rural;y  Our African and Spanish ancestors are not being negated nor denied, but our focus is all that which is Indigenous.

The Indigenous aspect of our Caribbean cultural and ethnic mosaic has shamelessly been neglected, thus our determination is unbending. 

Cacike Jorge Baracutei Estevez