Visit with the Indigenous Grandmothers- Guabancex and Higuayagua members, meet and greet Mexica grandmothers in Kiskeya.
Prayer Cirlce in St. Domingo.
Lynne Guitar, Ivel Cenac and Cacike Wahaca
Mexica grandmother in prayer at Anacaona's Rock.
To the four directions
Bandera de Guabancex Guabancex Flag

About Guabancex : Council of Elders

Guabancex is a Taino cultural group dedicated to investigating, researching, and disseminating all aspects of Taino culture, customs, language and history. The group stands strong in its conviction that by educating ourselves and others of our ancestral past and cultural continuities, we can elevate our ancestors to their proper place in history.

Formed in August 2006 by the Consejo de Ancianos Kiskeyanos , the group has been growing at a steady pace. Our approach is non-political in the sense that our sole purpose is to reach out to communities and individuals and encourage them to learn the facts about their history. We openly challenge the popular notion that our ancestors, also known as the classic Taino became extinct.

With this website we will offer academic papers written by the growing cadre of young scholars who are asking new questions and questioning old answers as to the true fate and history of our people. In addition this website is dedicated to posting information on Native Taino cultural practices such as medicinal plants, religiosity, spiritual practices, material culture, local customs, etc

 Our members come with different foci into the fold. Realizing that we are individuals with differing points of view our goal is to form a collective based on cooperation and dedication to preserving our cultural legacy. Our members hail from throughout the Caribbean and some are non-native. Some of our members are also involved in Afro-Caribbean culture and expressions as well. We, the members of Guabancex, wholeheartedly support these efforts also.


Our founding members are:


Irka Guabancex Mateo

Antonio Yaguarix de Moya

Fátima Portorreal

Lynne Guitar

Geo Ripley

Glenis Tavarez

Pedro Ferbel-Azcárate

Taíno Almestica

Valerie Nanaturey Vargas

Jorge Baracutei Estévez

Noris Eusebio-Pol



Honorary members

Rannel Báez (founding member and trainer of  Batey,Grupo Azua,DR)

Franklin Domínguez (founder of aTaino cultural group from the town of Los Indios, DR)

Juan Sabanacuya Almonte

Francisco Caqui Baerga

Taíno Almestica

Valerie Nanaturey Vargas

Jose Barreiro