Higuayagua Help arrives in Brazil!


Covid 19 delivered a deadly blow on our Tariano and Baniwa Arawak relatives. These two communities are in DESPERATE NEED OF YOUR HELP!

Hiaguayagua Taino was able to send them a small taste of our love.

At the behest of Dr. Alexandra Aikhenvald who has worked with these communities for many years Higuayagua sprung into actioan and began collecting donations and clothes, etc


We have 14 boxes full of clothes and shoes that we have been unable to send them due to the exuberant mailing costs. But we in Higuayagua are relentless! Our prayers have been  answered !! 

Dr. Juan Ramon Aviles Morales of TAINO DNA and Genealogy project Will be helping us to send them Plastic mailing containers.  Juan has done not just an amazing job with the DNA project but helping the community in general. Hahom to him and his entire crew!

To date, with the Help of GOFUNDME (a most amazing organization) we raised 2500.00, - On top of this the GoFUNDME GIVES BACK program gave us an Additional (THATS RIGHT THEY GAVE US MONEY!) 500,00!!

Below are the names of our donors who  have graciously donated to this honorable cause:


Valerie Newman $10.00

Alfie Ferguson $5.00

Dr. Juan AViles Morales -$ 200.00


Annonymous $100.00

Giovana Peters $150.00 

Jeff Wood- $25.00

Llea Franklin $10.00

Virginia Robles $25.00

Isabella Vento -$50.00

Kyle Luntz- $40.00

Andrew Cerrito -$50.00

Sarah Lammer - $40.00

Linda Carol - $25.00

Rebecca Zackheim $100.00

Carmen Henner -Girnth - $25.00

Jessica Freer- $25.00

Elizabeth Hurst - $50.00

Mimi Garcia $100.00

Lizzy Chaloner $10.00

Daniel Smith $100.00

Bianca Bibiloni- $25.00

Joanna Soto Aviles $25.00

Theirry Cruchet- 500.00

Mitchel Dose- $35.00

Brian Cohen - $300.00

Jessica Marrero $50.00

Paul Mcdonagh $50.00

Laura Smith $5.00

Julia Stehney $60.00

Michele Laraque $50.00

Melinde Byrne $100.00

Kalichi Lamar $20.00

Jose Camacho $75.00

Justine Paratorre $50.00

Anonymous $30.00

Anonymous $20.00

Shiri Paarmony Eshel $15.00

Anonymous $50.00

Martha Rosas $30.00