Hiwatahia Language!

Ikiraku'no Ahia Hiwatahia Taino

The Taino language disappeared a long time ago. All that was left was words passed down from generation to generation or recorded by Spanish chroniclers. Those recorded were mostly nouns, making language revival next to impossible.

Higuayagua has now created its own Hekexi Taino Arawak language.
We began by gathering as many Taino words on record and by searching for the closest cognates within other Ta-Maipueran Arawak languages.
Our goal was to create an autonomous speech for our people. This effort took four years in total. We sought advice from Language experts such as Alexandra Aikhenvald, Konrad Rybka, and others, especially from Native Arawak Speakers; this is how Hiwatahia was born.

This work is not the revival of Ancient Taino languages. It is the beginning of a new language for the descendants of the Taino peoples. Our approach is realistic and honest about its dimensions and limitations. This language is a beginning, but it is a good beginning. Our people will continue to use it, and it will continue to grow.

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Hiwatahia Hekexi Taino Language Dictionary