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Mayre Rodriguez
Higuayagua Abinaki
Acayaguana Delvalle with Wapishana Arawak brothers from Guyana.
Estevez Children- Sylvan and Avery

Please Donate!

Higuayagua's mission is to bring our culture to people from all walks of life, especially children. We find that children who become active in their culture at an early age are usually less inclined later in life to "wonder" down negative paths. Some inner-city children act out simply because they are bored. Many have nothing to do. Higuayagua Taino children are taught the value of our songs, dance, music and day to day activities early on which helps instill in them a deep sense of pride.

In the old days "rites of passage" were the norm. Young girls and boys had to earn their womanhood or manhood. They had to understand the great responsibility an adult carries.

With our cultural programs, we not only hope to inspire Taino children but also children of all ethnic backgrounds, Our mission to preserve and rescue our culture, r and recapture what has been lost.

We use Taino Dancing as a vehicle to inspire people. Using both contemporary and traditional dances we bring interested people into our circle. at the moment we are in need  of the following items for our dance team.

1) headdress feathers - we purchase only from reputable feather dealers.

2) shell horns for 20 dancers

3) shells for adornment

4) Cloth for outfits

5) 4 wooden slit-drums

6) Props

7) necklaces

8) Maracas /or gourds to make them

9) Guiro gourds 

10) skin drums


 Currently, we are trying to raise 5,000.00 dollars for the above items.

We are asking for your help, any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

For further questions please email us at

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Higuayagua Taino of the Caribbean is a 501c3 Non-for-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductable